All the news that's fit to .... RSS?

Of all the (not so new) advances on the web, I think one of my favorites is RSS. The name: Really Simple Syndication doesn't really explain the awesomeness of it. It doesn't really say much at all.

So, if you aren't using it yet - you should. RSS is an incredible time saver. There just isn't a better way to stay on top of breaking news, blogs, podcasts, or even travel deals.

In a nutshell - RSS is a way for the things you care about to come to you. That's right - no more checking to see if I've published a new blog or to see if there are any great hotel deals in Charleston. If something new is happening - It'll be in your RSS feeds.

With RSS readers being abundant, free, and simple to use - there just isn't a reason not to use one. Google Reader is a great example. And for free, who can complain. Just click the "RSS" button (or subscribe) button on virtually any site - and you're on your way!

What am I reading in RSS now? Well, current favorites are:
  • Slashfood
  • The DIS board forums, WDW Today Forums
  • Twitter feeds
  • Facebook updates
  • Digg (of course - I think this is a Nerd requirement)
  • Charleston Visitor's Bureau
  • Podcasts from the DIS Unplugged, WDW News Today, All About the Mouse
  • Koi farm news
  • Flickr picture feeds - OBX and WDW, great combo!
  • Whole Foods news
  • and local news from
That's just to name a few. Seriously - I can't remember when I've visited some of these sites "in person", but its great to be able to see what's up in their world!