Best bang for your buck. I agree. 100%

Mention Disney World to anyone and you'll hear, pretty darn often, "I'd love to take my family, but its too expensive". Well, I'm gonna say it. Bologna! There.

Can you splurge and make it a five-figure trip? Sure.  Do you need to spend a lot to have a magical time, to WOW! your family? Nope, not even close.

I've slowly been taking note of things, as we travel, of things that make me say -- SEE! Its cheaper at Disney! You'll be seeing notes on these as I come across them  - well, why not, since I have a blog now - and I'll share one now: On a recent trip to downtown Charleston, walking through the downtown area, I saw a sign for parking. "$1 per 1/2 hour". Yup. You read that right.. per 1/2 hour! I can park all day on Disney property (which occasionally means until 2 or 3 am the next day !) for $12. AND, if we are staying at one of their hotels or have an Annual Pass - its free. Yup, free. $12 @ Disney VS. $48 in Charleston. Ouch.

Yes, I know there are parking alternatives. But, those aren't the cheapest either. Our hotel charged $16 per day - on top of our room rate! Still, Disney has got them beat!

And, parking is just the tip of the iceberg. For more great points, thoughts, musings, check out this Mouseplanet article!

Stay tuned too! We'll be hearing more on this subject!