Brain to skin: You're Old!

With Age comes Wisdom... right?? Well, while that may be a bit debatable in my case (I must be just a bit smarter, but I'm not so sure about the Wisdom part), there is definitely one thing about getting old that I've been looking forward to: The End of Acne.

Really, weren't the teenage years enough pain and misery? Waking up school picture morning with a nice, bright red dot on the forehead. Attending Prom with a nice, bright red dot on the tip of the nose. Senior yearbook with a nice, bright spot on the chin. Ahh, such memories.

But, they aren't memories. Not yet.

"Hello Skin!! Hasn't the brain told you?? We're OLD. Waking up in the morning should NOT involve a new zit constellation. It should not involve new creative bangs to hide the forehead. Seriously skin - get over it. You're not young anymore!"

Sure, maybe its not the hormones causing it anymore. Maybe its caused by stress. Maybe its caused by chocolate. Maybe its caused by cosmic rays. Does it really matter?

Maybe someday, just maybe, I'll wake up pimple free. BUT - until then - I guess I'll be young at heart, and young at skin...