Disney Geek Level? Code Red, Yet?

Well, go figure. I THOUGHT I was THE Disney geek of the family, but would you believe I've been beaten. Beaten pretty soundly. I hang my head in shame...

A few nights ago, you know, the type of night where there are 458 channels of cable, hours of shows on the DVR, and still nothing to watch on TV... hmm, let me restart...

It was a dark and boring night. Another night of mindless, boredom inducing television in the Flood Family household...What to do, Where to turn, What to eat (no, wait, that's a whole other topic!)... ah, a glimmer of hope... Facebook to the rescue!

Facebook and Disney of course! What started off innocently enough - Hey, Honey! Check out these pictures - quickly deteriorated. Competition time! Lets see who can identify
"Where in WDW" was this picture taken. (And, I'm pointing out... it wasn't MY idea to compete, no way, I wouldn't do that!)

The concept is pretty simpl: identify the location of each photo. The subjects... well, some are easy, some are hard... and some "only Walt knows".

199 pictures, a few hours, and two bleary eyes later... I've been beaten. Now, I'm not saying I didn't perform admirably - a ranking of 32 out of 536 isn't so shabby. But... its not good enough to claim the top prize in this household. Nope, not this time. Hubby wins - he's beaten me by 10 correct answers and ranks #25.

I'll be the gracious loser here. I won't say "good guessing" or imply anything of the sort...

Just remember, dear, I'm brushing up for a rematch! I think I just need a few more trips to Disney first...

Check it out & let me know how you do!
Facebook: Where in WDW App
Website: Where in WDW