Going Green!

"It ain't easy being green" - Kermit the Frog

Wow, smart man, that frog. He had it right years ago, before "being green" was an average, daily, household word.  Sure, each day hundreds of new ways to be green pop up, but making those wise choices can be difficult.. and sometimes painful.

Months ago our family decided to make a daily change to help the environment. Just a small change, making our lives a little greener. This change, I think, has become the most commented on change we've ever made. Forget recycling (and trust me - in the South, we get PLENTY of comments on that), forget the reusable shopping bags - if you want to make a statement, give up paper plates. Yup, that's it. Save a tree, reduce waste. Use the plates you already have in your cabinets.

Sure, you say, but does it really matter? Don't you run the dishwasher more now? Nope, we don't. We are just filling it more. And you all know - it takes the same detergent and the same water to wash a 3/4 full load as a full load. And you know what, its been a little Zen too - so what if 3 dishes are left over for tomorrow. We won't die. My head will not combust at the thought of a bowl in the sink overnight. OR, maybe, seriously - we can wash it by hand.

Friends and family still comment on it. And I admit, I occasionally think "But I don't wanna do dishes" (in my best whiny voice of course)... but its not that bad. Truthfully. I wouldn't lie to you.

Of course, I haven't gone too far yet. We still have paper towels (but use less...) and I am ABSOLUTELY keeping the toilet paper (I'm not CRAZY!).  Maybe paper napkins are the next to go... that wouldn't be too painful - I don't think. Hmmm, is it time for another change?