And just HOW green are you?

Ok, if you've read a bit of this blog, you know that being environmentally friendly is a pretty important goal to me. I'm all for recycling, reducing, and reusing. But I think I may have found my limit. Yup, that's right... what I just can't do for the environment (well, besides give up paper products like toilet paper that is... )

So, what am I talking about? Well, the world's first green race car, that's what. I know, you're confused.. but let me explain... It starts off great, just read this description:

"The body of the World First Racing car is built from recycled carbon fibre left over from aeroplane production, while its steering wheel is made from “carrot fibre”, cellulose nano-fibres extracted from the residue from a carrot soup factory."
 Awesome. By-products and carrot residue. Great out-of-the-box thinking there! Reusing waste and sustainable products... You go guys!

But, oh no, here is where you lose me:
"A “green racing car” powered by chocolate and steered by carrots will line up on a Formula 3 grid for the first time next month."

What?!? Say again?? Chocolate? You're taking my chocolate? Who thought of this? I mean, I'm fully willing to give up carrots. And spinach. And eggplant. Really, anything else. But Chocolate? That's one I'd like to keep.

Seriously, put the chocolate in my car? And NOT eat it? What about PMS? Stress? I'm surely not going to eat broccoli for those cravings! That's asking a lot guys!

Luckily, we still have coffee. At this point. Don't take that too!

If you're interested, full article is here:
Chocolate-powered race car