Deja Vu Dreaming!

One day, a month ago, I took a chance... Yup, this self-proclaimed Disney nut, and oh, say, up to 20,000 fellow Disney fans filled out three short questions...

Yup, I answered three short questions. In 100 words or less, I needed to convince the Disney Mom's Panel that I deserved a chance at becoming one of the panelists on the Disney Mom's Panel website.
Well, to make a long story much shorter... fast forward a few weeks: I've made the first cut! I am one of the 150? 200? applicants who will write 300 more words and have a shot at the next round of the Panel selection....The excitement is building!

Fast forward.... to... TODAY!

I'm off to the gym... when I hear the iPhone "ding".  Could it be the email I've been anticipating ... or dreading ... all day? Is it the email that says I've advanced to phone interviews or maybe that I'm not advancing to phone interviews?? Well, since I'm driving, I can't check. But my daughter can... HMMM, she says.. its something about the Mom's Panel..and a Confirmation??? WHAT??? YIKES!!! PULL OVER!!!!

So there I sit, in a parking lot of a second-hand store, screaming OMG! OMG! OMG! Of course, I have to text people, post on the DIS, and Tweet! I can't go to exercise for 2 hours without letting people know that I've made it to Round #3 in the 2010 Mom's Panel selection process!!

But wait... is this Deja Vu?

You see, this isn't the first time I've seen that email. Its not the first time I'll be interviewing with the folks at Disney. You see - I'm a reject. Yup. I've been here before... and didn't make it.

I've been through this before. I interviewed for the first Mom's Panel in 2008. My hopes and dreams didn't come true then... but it did change my life forever (note to self, more blogs about this to be written!)

You see, after some time to reflect and recover, I started following the Mom's adventures - on the DIS and on blogs. I was amazed at the experiences they were having, and at all the help they were giving on vacation planning...

And, I realized that it must have been a dream come true - to be able to "talk Disney" without seeing someone's eyes glaze over! With people who share your passion and welcome your help! AND, of course, to experience a magical side of Disney World that few have ever seen.

So, I decided to stick to it.  I decided that my rejection just doesn't matter. I'm was going for it.  And, now I'm here again.

I'm still dreaming BIG. I am still shooting for the stars. I am still hoping that one day soon, I can be a "Disney Mom".

Wish me luck! And lots of Pixie Dust!

PS. Good luck to all who are interviewing next week! And to those who didn't advance this year - I know what you are feeling, but: Keep trying. Keep at it. Shoot for the stars! Next year might just be YOUR year! I'm sure hoping this year is mine!