Mickey....as a hedgehog?

Since I've run across a few articles that really tickle my fancy, I'm going to be sticking to this topic for the next few days.. Hope these history nuggets aren't too "boring" for you! And, yes, I know.. my inner geek is shining out... Can't help it.. its strong!

This feature article is from the 5/22/1934 issue of the Dallas Morning News. And frankly, the headline alone really got my attention. Soviet Demands Own Mickey Mouse. Huh!

My first thought after reading it, was "Thieves!! How dare they pirate Mickey! He's as American as apple pie!" But, maybe that's a bit harsh. I mean, everyone loves Mickey. But, still, this article doesn't seem to highlight a very bright idea. In fact, unless y'all know something I don't, I think this was one of those ideas destined for the trash bin right from the get-go!

But seriously, how can you not appreciate the "Soviet" - I mean, they are "admitting the Superiority of Mickey"! Good concept though, hedgehog Mikki Maus is going to take on the capitalists. And win! You go Mikki!

Ahh, what a different world it once was...

But, then I got to thinking (hate when that happens) that maybe, in a couple ways, this IS the same as yesterday. It really is about Walt's dream. Its been said many times - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I wonder if Walt thought that way - surely he knew about this...

Not only that, but just think - this article comes just 6 years after Mickey first debuted. In a world not quite so connected as ours. In a world where the Internet and Satellite TV didn't exist. No instant FaceBook updates, no Tweets.. I think that's a huge tribute to the Magic of this Mouse. An amazing feat by a little Mouse and a great, big dream.