My kingdom for a Big Mac!

I don't even like them. On an average day, in an average year... I wouldn't even consider one if I had been dropped of at the last McDonald's on Earth after eating spinach for a week. Ok, that's probably not quite true, but you get the idea.

This, however, is not an average day, nor an average year. It is day #103 of my Adventures in Vegetarianism. Now, I really don't have many complaints. I love veggies. The kids are eating more of them, and complaining less. We're losing weight. All is good.

EXCEPT, this darn craving. Sure, I can go days without thinking of - sing along - two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese on a sesame seed bun. But, man oh man, then the jingle starts slowly... just a slow, nagging itch in the brain... Not unlike a mosquito bite.. a painful itch that just grows and grows... So far, I've been strong. I keep thinking that when I fall off the vegetable boat (its not an if.. I know I will eventually) it should be for something good.. Prime Rib... The Thanksgiving Turkey.... something oh so worthwhile...

But Resistance is Futile! I am a by-product of the McDonald's generation. I can't remember a time with no drive-thru's. Without the Hamburgler... Without Grimace... Or those Fry-Guys! In fact, I think I had Fry-Guy action figures!

For tonight though,  I'll just dream of those magic words: "Do you want fries with that?"