OK Family! I hope you're happy!!

Its official. I can no longer say I only run when chased. Those days are over, but I guess, in the grand scheme of things that its a good thing. You see, I've turned into one of "them". You know the folks - the ones who say they enjoy running. That they can actually find some peace in running. They can just let go, clear their minds, and run. It happened to me.

But, don't get me wrong... just because I am enjoying it, doesn't mean I'm GOOD at it. In fact, I'm not even sure what good means in running. Does it mean you're fast? Does it mean you can go the distance? I think in our case it means - We're DOING it! 

Like a family of Ducks waddling down the road, our family has been running the Couch to 5K program. Some days, all four of us are out there, single file, trudging down the street. And, on those days, I'm always last in line. The Ugly Duckling at the end of the pack. Yup, I'm the slow one. Our 12-yr old daughter, well now, she's the fast one. Way out ahed of the pack. You go girl! Our son, well, he likes to hang out with me, but I know he can just turn on speed and sprint if he really wanted to. OH! To be young again! Ha! Those days are over!

And, we've even set a goal: The family 5K race that's part of Disney's Wine & Dine Marthon. That gives us nearly a year of getting in shape and a great reward to work towards....

BUT, in the mean time.. I hope my family is happy -- because should we ever be chased by Lions, Tigers or Bears... This slow ugly duckling will be dinner! AHHH, the sacrifices Mom must make!