So many places, so little time... and money!

Its that time of year again, the air is crisp(er), the days are getting shorter... and my thoughts are turning to SUMMER VACATION! Well, ok, any vacation. I'm not sure what it is about this time of year... but my mind starts drifting to far away places.. away from the chores of everyday life. Someplace Exotic. Someplace Magical. Someplace... Someplace where??

The question isn't: To Vacation or not To Vacation. Its so much more complex! Its where to vacation??

Oh yes, there are some places on my bucket list: Venice, Greece, Egypt. But those are for another year. A year with more time... alas, 2010 will only be a week, 7 days, of vacation as a family. Hubby doesn't have a whole lot of time each year, so choices are bit restricted.

So, practically thinking - where should we go? The kids are at great ages for travel: 12 & 9. Is it time to show them the Big Apple? Or maybe the Grand Canyon? Great places. Places I'd really love to see someday. But, the problem is... I miss our special family vacation spot. Walt Disney World. Yup. Even after 7 trips in the past two years... I still can't wait to get back.

In fact, just today, Dillon came running in the house after school and announced "That's it. I can't take it anymore. We NEED to go to Disney!" Ahh, how I love that boy! I've trained him well. Apparently, he's got that fall travel itch too.

Hmm, but maybe just a twist on that trip... maybe Disneyland in California... Maybe that would satisfy our Disney fix.. and we'd see some more of our beautiful country. Oh, how I would love to see the place where the Magic started. To walk in Walt's footsteps... To see the Matterhorn....

How I would love that! But, still.. that means no Epcot. No Animal Kingdom. No Hollywood Studios. All of our favorites - they are in Florida. Could we live without Wilderness Lodge? Without Kona Cafe? Could we handle a year away from them?

Oh, decisions, decisions! Good decisions to have to make... What fun agony!

Someday, maybe we'll even make that decision - but not tonight. This fall night, on the couch with a fire, is simply for dreaming of the Magic!