We all start small...but have big dreams!

For those of you who don't know, I work with History. Everyday. Day in and Day out. Yup - I look at old newspapers... ALL DAY LONG. Well, not quite.. but I do manage the production of them...

I know - you're thinking "History!?! BORING!". Well, yea.. typical history maybe. But, I've never been a typical person - so of course my take on it is just a little different. And newspapers? Well, they aren't like a history textbook. They chronicle every day life... people like you and me... people living lives, people starting up small business, people with dreams... 

I mean, seriously, no one can predict the future, but its so fun to look back on the past for those little nuggets that become gems! There are little, tiny blurbs throughout these scribes of history that really show how a dream starts so small  - but with a little faith, trust and pixie dust become magical.

I stumbled across this article today. It was published in the Seattle Times, back on 4-12-1931. Read it, its short. Then think "WOW, how that dream blossomed!" Go ahead, be amazed! I was!

P.S. Wonder where I can get one of those autographed photos!