Happy Birthday to you!

Ever have one of those days, you know, you can't remember you name... you forget your coffee on the counter before heading out to work... maybe you can't even remember which day you were born on...

It could be that its one of THOSE weeks, you know, big project at work, two sports practice schedules to keep straight, company coming, a holiday or two around the corner, barely time to cook and fold laundry before collapsing, only to rise and shine and do it all over again the next day...

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. A yummy holiday if there ever was one! But, that means a few extra shopping trips, some extra cleaning, family you haven't seen in well, just way too long!

So, you forget a few things... hopefully nothing too important.. but if you've been a bit stressed and forgetful, its OK. You've got company - REALLY great company. I mean, if someone as famous as Mickey himself has had his birthday celebrated on the wrong day year after year... well, the rest of us shouldn't worry quite so much, right?

(click image to enlarge)

(Augusta Chronicle 9/10/1978)

But, it really doesn't matter which day it is, does it? Any day can be a "Very Merry Un-Birthday!" -- a great day to give a hug, to remember to tell someone you love them, or to just have a few quiet moments with your child.

No need to wait for the "official" day - in fact some of the greatest gifts I've gotten this year haven't been on my actual birthday: a husband who is now a running partner as well as my best friend; a daughter who became my yoga buddy; a son who has grown to love Mickey as much as I do;  a great new friendship with an instructor at the local gym; and the friendship of a couple of "rejects" who will be sharing an amazing Dream with me this next year... All gifts of 2009, none on my birthday.. but still, the best presents I could ever ask for!

And Mickey, I'll be seeing you real-l-l-l soon! Lets celebrate some more then! I may be a little late, a few weeks past your birthday.. but hopefully you'll forgive me!