04 November 2009

Look Mom!

Today in History... 50 years ago a small Disney crew did something pretty amazing. I'm sure they were nervous, had some fear, and maybe a whole lot of excitement.

(Trenton Evening Times 11/4/1959)

Flash forward to 2009... Today is my chance to experience those same emotions: nervousness, fear and a whole monorail full of excitement. You see, today is my second chance - my second interview for the Disney Mom's Panel.

I'm hoping that maybe I can make a little of my own "Disney History"... sure, it will be a little more personal, a little closer to my heart... But maybe, just maybe, a little Pixie Dust will float my way today.  And maybe, sometime soon, this will be me...

 Keep your fingers, toes... and eyes crossed for me ... I'll keep you posted...

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