Nope, still sky high!

Its been a week. Yup - A full week since I got the phone call. The special call, that turned dreams into reality...  I can't believe the time has flown by so quickly!

A week ago, seeing that special phone number on caller id, I was afraid to answer the phone, I was afraid not to... Would it be good news this time? Would I be a member of the 2010 Disney Mom's Panel? Or would it be a sad call?

Thankfully, the only tears I cried were tears of joy. Yes, I cried. On the phone call. After the phone call. Then, when the tears finally dried up,  I had a smile that lasted for days!

And... my feet still haven't touched the ground...

Details of our training trip are starting to emerge. Our group of 2010 Moms (and Dads!), along with some of the current panelists, will be staying at the Contemporary Resort. Yes, you know it, the fabulous piece of architecture with the Monorail running right through the building...

I'll be flying off December 4th.. so of course that means Holiday decorations! Christmas at Disney World is indescribable. Sure, there are lights, wreaths, ornaments, hot cocoa and cookies. But, as always, its the extra touches that just bring the Magic to life... take for example, a Christmas Tree in the Contemporary... what else could it be but a Magical Monorail Tree??

That's about all the details I know right now... more will be coming soon...

But before I sign off for the day, just one last thing I need to mention - the amazing 2010 panelists! Online, I've met nearly all the Moms and Dads for 2010 (and from 2008 & 2009). Every single one of them have been friendly, amazing, and supportive. Its a bit hard to believe that I am now one of them... but I am. And, because of that, I'm still flying high!!


  1. Love it! It's going to be a blast-and I'll be hanging on your every description. Can't wait for all the juicy deets!


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