Ready, set....

Well, its almost time. The search for the 2010 Mom's Panel is almost over. We will probably know in less than 24 hours...

For 10 of us, it may just change our lives.. some changes may be small, some may be big. It may be as small as a new routine, a new outlet for the passion we all feel for the Mouse... Or it could be as large as gaining a new best friend ( or two or nine... ).

Am I ready? Oh yea, I think so. Because, you see, that sharing, that friendship has already started - no matter what happens, I've made some friendships that will stick around for quite a while...  the whole selection process, while nerve-wracking and exciting...  has also brought out a sense of camaraderie - people cheering on those who are reaching for their dreams...

So, as I sit here (not so) patiently waiting and driving the family crazy with ideas of what could be, of what might not be... I wonder, did anyone have an idea of how big, how altering, Walt's World would be on Florida... on the community around it.. 

(click image to enlarge)

Even back in 1971, days before Walt Disney World had opened... there was a love of the Mouse, and excitement... and worries of how things might change... crowds & traffic... just to name a few...

And, yes, I have those same feelings. I'm worried... What if I make the panel? What if I don't? I can't answer those questions (yet) but, I'm taking a chance...  I've already "felt the impact of Walt Disney World"... WOW!


  1. Sounds like you will be a great panel member! Congrats! Cute blog as well! I also LOVE Disney!

  2. Congrats Kathie!!!! :-)

  3. Thanks guys! Its been an incredible experience so far, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!


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