Would you believe, its still Day 1?

I know, its already been a long day.. but there is so much more to come!

The rain seemed to be sticking around, so there were a few last minute scheduling changes.. our cocktail party would be moved inside, Osbourne lights looked to be a no-go, and Fantasmic, well, that didn't look too promising either...

But, no worries! We were all so excited to meet each other (in person) that the locations just didn't matter! I quickly dressed and headed down to meet all the new Moms & Dads - as well as Laura, Tina, and a few of the 09 moms that would be with us this weekend!

Dannee & Amanda A.

 This is the group... minus Portia - Not sure where she ran off to!

Once we were done with cocktails, we headed off to Hollywood Studios for a quick spin on Toy Story Mania (146,000 for a score...still can't break 150,000 and I've ridden probably more than 35+ times!!!)!

Time to snap more photos of course - in our goofy glasses!

Dorothy & Diane L.

AND another group photo - yes we held up traffic. Yes we probably shouldn't have.. .but hey, we needed a picture in the Mickey ponchos!!

Once our group ride, and photo op, was over.. we headed backstage to the Prop Shop for a yummy dinner! The food was excellent (a theme that would continue all during the trip) -- BUT none of us wanted to eat, we wanted to chat and take in the surroundings... I mean, after all, we may never get to see this room EVER again!!

When we entered the Prop Shop, our first sight was Jack - and since he's a favorite, I had to get a picture ... or twelve...

Diane L, Me, Kaylene, and Karen

(Side note, this is a very special picture to me - all of us here are/were "rejects" - All of us had previously interviewed in Round 3 of the Moms Panel selection - but didn't make it in previous years... Here we are together FINALLY... a Dream Come True!!)

So, once we were reminded there was food, and yes, we had stop looking around and just EAT, we acutally settled down at tables. And, looking over the food selections - I was amazed. As a vegetarian (no meat or fish) I'm used to having less choices, not so good selections, and occasionally even being yelled at for ordering a Taco Salad with no meat (not at Disney of course!)... BUT there were so many selections for me... YUMMM! It turns out Laura is also a vegetarian, although with fish, and Special Event planning had kept us in mind with the menu! Of course, the excellent desserts were much appreciated too... the Truffles were my favorite!

One last picture from the Prop Shop -

By now, it was getting pretty late, and we realized that Fantasmic! was a no-go due to rain. So, we headed back to the Contemporary. Some of us stopped by the Wave to wish Disney Mom Cathy a Happy Birthday!! (Shout out to her here!!)

Even though it was a long day, Kaylene, Maria and I decided we weren't quite ready for bed. And since the Grand Floridian was just a short monorail ride away -- we would go check out the ginormous Gingerbread house!

A quick stop up to the room.... WHAT!! WAIT!!! STOP THE TRAIN!!!  As I went rushing into my room I noticed a gift had been left for me!

Laura, Leanne, & Tina had sent us a beautiful present --- The Mickey shaped basket contained a jacket (you'll see it soon), a pen, baseball hat, watch, polo shirt, a messenger bag (LOVE IT), mouse pad and notepads -- all with the Mom's panel logo! There was also a shopping bag & rose! Wow, even more magic on this incredible day! WOW!

After a quick peek (I didn't unwrap it yet, since I wanted to document it with a ton of photos!!)... it was off to the Grand Flordian... The gingerbread house was as beautiful as always! I had to spend a few minutes spotting the Hidden Mickeys... but I was starting to fade fast... and since we had to be up early, we called it an early night...

So, good night y'all! To be continued....

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