Disney World Moms, Training Trip - Day 2 Pt. 1

Ok, so - I think I remember where I left off ! Since I had only gotten as far as Day 1 before The Holidays took over!

Day 2

The next morning was an early wake up call. With alarms (yes, plural - just in case one didn't wake me up, I had 3 set!) buzzing at 4:30, it was time to get up and going for our busy day. This would be the day many (all) of us would be dreading - video shoot day! And a rainy, foggy, gray day it would be!

Now, those previous panelists on the Moms Panel told us not to worry, don't stress - but hey, they are pro's by now! Us newbies just wouldn't listen - it was heavy duty Stress time!

So, in reality, I was up before the alarms… and raring to go! Unfortunately it was a lonely morning down at the Contemporary Grounds - waiting for my fellow panelists AND the coffee shop to show some signs of life!

Soon though, we were all assembled and off in buses to try one of WDW's newest restaurant: Kouzzina. Now, I have to say that this was high on my list of new things to try - I am a big Food Network and Iron Chef fan, and I was anxious to try out Cat Cora's new spot!

The breakfast didn't disappoint! We had choices of a greek-style omelet with tomatoes, spinach and feta, pancakes with granola and orange incorporated right in the batter, or a tamer All-American feast of eggs, bacon/sausage and toast. Since I was still full from dinner and desserts at the Prop Shop, I ate a bit lighter, but have to say that I loved the assorted pastries on the table. Yup, give me the option to pick something battered up with cinnamon and sugar first thing in the morning and I'll cave. Yup, I'm not so strong before coffee!

All too soon, we were headed back to the Contemporary - the rain had put a crimp in our plans and it was time for Plan B: Filming at the California Grill.

Luckily for us, we had some professionals to help us. Two women armed with an enviable array of cosmetics, flat irons, and hair products! YES!

Here's me:

And Jonas: Everyone, and I mean everyone, got the full makeup treatment... although he may have gotten to skip the flat iron!

Here is Amanda A - such a natural! 

After a nerve wracking hour or so (was it really that quick ?!??!) all of our videos were done. Yes, tears and sweat (you know who you are!!) were shed, BUT it was over. Now we could really enjoy ourselves!

And how do you create a special experience for 20+ Disney Geeks? Well, you entice them with a tour of the Utilidors of course! What a wonderful reward for facing those evil cameras!

As always, no cameras were allowed behind-the-scenes, but let me just say that it lived up to my expectations. Our guide was wonderful and kept us all entertained. We laughed, we smiled… and we cried… yup. I did. Now, I'm not normally a crier, but when she thanked each and everyone of us for helping to pass on the Disney tradition to families everywhere… I shed a tear or two… And I wasn't the only one!

To mark this special occasion, we were even given a special service star - a special retired Cast Member pin for going above, and beyond, the call of duty. I will treasure this for a VERY long time.

And of course... I'll cut this off here... with this special moment. More to come, including how I can embarrass my kids from 600 miles away!


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