Moms Panel training report - Day 2 Part 2

And the finish of Day #2...

We didn't have too much time to dwell on the sentimental though -- The Moms, Dads & all were off to see the Move it, Shake it, Celebrate!! Parade. Tagging along with us were those wonderful Camera folks - wow, its a surreal experience to have a video camera aimed at ME while in the Magic Kingdom. A Rock Star moment to be sure!

Since we're such a twitter-prolific bunch, video and photos of us Moms dancing in with Donald Duck and congo'ing through Main Street soon hit the web. Within just  few minutes, I had a txt from home: It was the kids via Dad. Requesting that Mom no longer dances in public!

Oh well, I'm a mom. Its my JOB to embarrass them!

With the parade over, we had a few hours to ourselves - So off to ride the new Space Mountain! BUT, no, it wasn't meant to be. Space was being cranky, and had a mechanical "time out". So, Buzz it was!

Here are Disney Moms Suzannah and Amanda gunning for Kaylene and me:

And my buddy Kaylene and I!

Since we had a few hours to kill, a few of us were off to Downtown Disney! Shopping! Yes! Here is a picture of fellow South Kakilakian Terry, myself and Kaylene at the Contemporary Bus Area…

All too soon, just a lunch and a Christmas ornament later, we had to head back and get ready for our dining experience for the evening: The Napa Room at the California Grill!

The Napa Room was spectacular. The company was incredible. The view, of course was one-of-a-kind. A big thank you to Disney Mom Marc for capturing a photo of me & the beautiful castle.

The food - especially MY food was delicious! You see, if you missed it before, I am a vegetarian. And BOY did I get special treatment here. In fact, I think a few of my fellow Moms may claim they are too, the next time they get to eat here!

Here is the highlight of my meal, that made everyone at my table Jealous. Yes, Jealous - with a capital J!

Thanks to Diane L for the picture! I was too happy to stop and take one, I just dug in!

After a lovely dinner, which started with a Champagne toast, we were all treated to a Bananas Foster Creme Brulee. Yes. Yum. Yes, I need to burn those calories off still!

Again, everything was over too soon… our night was coming to an end… After Wishes, it was time to say goodnight and head back to the room. What a lovely view along the way though…


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