Chef Robert Irvine, Fellow Moms Panelist Suzannah and FOOD. YUM.

Ok, you really need to check this out - Fellow Moms Panelist Suzannah has a great not-so-wordless Wednesday up. It features our chance meeting with Chef Robert Irvine at Epcot last week. Definitely a MUST READ!

AT ZANNALAND: Wordless Wednesday: Chef Robert Irvine Takes an Impossible Request

Chef Irvine was a ton of fun - he even noticed us looking at him and approached US! Talk about making us feel like rock stars! (OK, I am apparently a rock star who needs to be watched carefully - check out those guards!)

photo courtesy of Suzannah @

We enjoyed "checking in" on the progress of our dinner throughout the day at the cooking tent set up at the center of Epcot. We knew we were in for an incredible dinner - one with at least one vegetarian dish just for me! 

PS. Thanks to my husband Josh for these photos!


I don't know who this fellow (Disney?) chef is yet.. but I'm sure we'll find out this season on Dinner: Impossible! 

For a recap of our food experiences, you'll have to check out The Disney Food Blog. AJ did an incredible job of capturing all the wonderful courses. I'm kicking myself - we missed the canoli and tiramisu. AND tiramisu is my all time favorite dessert. Made by Robert Irvine. AND I MISSED IT!!! I want a do-over!!! WAAAAA!


  1. Love it!! :D

    Oh man, I can't believe we missed the canoli and tiramisu too! Maybe we need to become Chef Irvine groupies and follow him around so he'll make us more? ;)

  2. How awesome that you got a picture with the Chef himself! My mom would be so jealous!!! We saw all the stuff set up but Robert wasn't out there yet and ER was antsy. Now I wish we'd gone back around to try and get another glimpse of him.

  3. You met Chef Irvine? I'm so jealous. He's one of my favorites and his food always sounds so good. He looks like he gives good hugs!

  4. Hi Anne! Chef Irvine was pretty incredible - meeting him was the highlight of an amazing trip! He was so down to earth and FUN!

    And the hugs were pretty darn good!


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