There's just no place like Disney World...

How can I explain it? That "Disney Touch" - that extra special, welcoming, overwhelming cheer - that overcomes you when you step foot in Walt Disney World? If you've ever had the great fortune to visit WDW, you know what I mean. The service, the happiness, the helpfulness... The WOW factor just doesn't stop. If you haven't had the chance to experience it yet, I hope your turn is right around the corner!

This past week I had the great fortune to attend the first Disney Social Media Moms Conference. A conference... almost like work, right? But, of course, given the venue I shouldn't have been the least bit surprised at the incredible information, speakers and entertainment we experienced. When Disney decides to do something, they do it right AND over-the-top. (More details on the conference to come...)

That "Disney Touch" is a concept long rooted in the Walt Disney Company. In fact, it originated with Walt himself. A man so accomplished, so revered, yet a man who cherished a smile above all else.

(click image to enlarge)
(Dallas Morning News 4/11/1965)

Such a great goal - to bring a smile to a child's face. To any face. That's my goal, you see, when I'm at Walt Disney World. I want to bring a little extra touch of happiness to someone's trip. Maybe its a surprise for my own child - a white chocolate Mickey Mouse snuck into the room when no one was looking. Maybe its a surprise for an adult - giving my Disney Blog pin to a fellow conference attendee who had lost hers... AND, maybe, sometimes, I can return the favor of all the wonderful memories and experiences our family has had at WDW by bringing a smile to a Cast Member's face. Sometimes its just a kind word, other times its a nice long chat with a member of security or someone working at the lounge...

How it happens doesn't matter - What matters is that Walt has rubbed off on me. He, and his imagination, have spurred me on to try harder and be better, even at vacation time.