5 Stars to Mickey Bars - Day #2 Breakfast

Day #2 arrived with much anticipation on my part - since I would get to try Cape May at the Beach Club resort for the first time. Yes, believe it or not, there are still places and events I haven't gotten to try at Walt Disney World!

Since I was up early, I decided to try out something else new too: The Boardwalk Bakery. While I resigned myself to only an early morning latte (had to save my stomach room!!), I did drool over all of the treats that were available there. With a line out the door, I know the treats MUST be good!

Bakery goods - danish, croissants, and more! (iPhone again... boo on quality)

While sitting outside on the Boardwalk, enjoying the early morning view, Disney Mom Amy joined me. We both loved the atmosphere and seeing families jogging together before their park day started!

And then, we were off to Cape May! The food and ambiance didn't disappoint! Watching kids dancing with Goofy ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. Its just not possible for me not to enjoy myself at a character breakfast!

Here are Disney Cast Member Rick and Anne from the Food Magazine! And y'all know the guy in the middle!

Food was in abundance, and I enjoyed trying the Veggie Breakfast Pizza, Mickey waffles, fruit... AND the French Toast Bread Pudding. Its also illegal for me to go to Disney and not have a chocolate croissant - so I indulged here!

After we'd eaten our fill and taken more pictures than we could count... we were off for a tour of the Beach Club Villas. Why tour the villas on a food trip? Well, gasp, some folks actually don't like to eat out on vacation! They LIKE to cook and prepare meals at their resort!

Touring the villas was fun - they are beautiful and spacious! And the kitchen is fully equipped. Definitely an option if dietary problems force you to cook, or if you like to cook while on vacation. You can even have your groceries pre-ordered and delivered to the room! Now that's Disney service!

After this short tour... we were off for some free time - and a mission to complete! More coming up on that soon!

In accordance with FTC guidelines, please note that my transportation, lodging, and food have been provided by the Walt Disney Company for this Media event.