5 Stars to Mickey Bars - Day #2 Snack: Impossible!

With tummies full from Cape May, we were off to the Magic Kingdom! With a mission!

But, of course, before we could start, we had to pose for a photo in front of Cinderella's Castle! In order, here are Angela, me, AJ, Marian & Amy!

For a little twist and change of pace, we had a Foodie Scavenger Hunt to complete! Lets see how well you can do!
  1. Where can you find a hot-fudge sundae made with dairy-free rice cream or Tofutti?
  2. Vegans, rejoice! What is the perfectly nutritious and fast-food folks often have at Thanksgiving that you'll find on a cart in Adventureland?
  3. For meat lovers, the perfect walk-around snack "on a stick" made from birds estimated to average 60 pounds.
  4. This pineapple-laced drink from Hawaii is one of the Magic Kingdom's oldest and most famous snacks, around since the 1970's - and served in only one location in the Magic Kingdom.
  5. Which Magic Kingdom restaurant serves Glatt Kosher meals?
  6. All pirates don't eat meat. Where can you find vegetarian tacos?
  7. Which Magic Kingdom restaurant has more than a dozen salads on the menu?
  8. Where can you find an all-American Thanksgiving dinner (roast turkey and herb stuffing) served year-round?
  9. No moo juice for you? Looking for soy milk, you'll find it where?
  10. Is it a gold rush or are you hungry? Want a veggie burger with all the fixins' OR a 1/3 pound Angus burger?
  11. Mickey-shaped waffles are everywhere. Where can you get a giant one?
  12. Want a Bella Notte? Try some gluten-free pasta here.
  13. What jersey number does Casey wear when he goes to get the best hot dogs in the ball park here?
So? How'd you do? We managed a 12 out of 13... I STILL don't know the answer to #13!

Up next... Hoop Dee Doo!

In accordance with FTC guidelines, please note that my transportation, lodging, and food have been provided by the Walt Disney Company for this Media event.