Food + Disney = Magical

The bags are packed, the salon has been visited, and I even squeezed in one last trip to the mall. So, that must mean that I've ready for the 5 Stars to Mickey Bars Disney Media event !!

And, since food has been so much on my mind lately I did a little digging at I stumbled across this gem of an article about a wonderful Disney chef. It seems that he may have been a bit off - I'm not quite ready to give up my "concern over nutrtion" ... he did a great job of predicting hormone-free food and comfort foods. Yum!

Trenton Evening Times 12/04/1991

And while I never had the opportunity to dine on his culinary treats (that I know of)... I may have sampled a treat or two of his creation at Red Lobster... where he has continued his culinary career. 

As I'm dining all over Epcot - AND the World - this weekend, I bet I'll get to sample the cuisine of some other future culinary leaders! I can't wait!