Galumpia. OR, alternately: If your mouth knew better it'd be drooling already...

Eons ago... there was a man named "Slim". Ok, so that wasn't his real name, but that's the name I knew him by... well by that and Galump.

You see, Galump owned a restaurant. And not just any restaurant, but THE ONLY restaurant I remember from my childhood days. And that's because all others paled in comparison. That restaurant was the 2 X 4 restaurant in Mount Holly, Vermont.

Mount Holly was, for many years, my second home. The year I was born, my parents started building a home there. Each weekend (that year and for the next 15 years or so...),  my dad would come from work on a Friday and we'd pile into the family vehicle. Off we'd go on the 3.5 hour trek north.

If it was a good night, we'd arrive just in time to visit Galump before closing time. We'd stuff ourselves on incredible Italian food under a rustic roof covered with thousands of gift bows. Now, I have no clue what all those gifts might have contained or what joy they brought, but their bows were immortilized above happy diner's heads...

For all of the incredible Italian food we consumed there.... there was one item that we had to have every single visit. No matter what. Non-Negotiable: Galumpia Salad Dressing. We bought it by the gallon - in fact, if you didn't keep a close eye on my sister, she'd drink it right from the gallon!

Parmesan. Vinegar. Olive Oil. Cracked Black Pepper. Heaven in a miniaturized gallon jug. With, as Galump proclaimed proudly "Heartburn Added".

Sadly, we lost him this year. But I'll always remember the friendship he shared with us. And the love of food that he instilled in me. I don't know of any better tribute to him than this: My son has discovered a passion for Galumpia Dressing.

Sure, its not quite the same as Galump's own hand making the dressing and adding the heartburn. But, just one taste brings memories flooding back. And now, my son will have those same memories - in fact, this year, the Easter Bunny delivered three bottles for his Easter Basket. My son skipped the candy, the sweets, the chocolate bunnies... and instead ran to open the dressing... Seriously! Its that good.

Here is "The Legend" from the Woodstock Farmers Market website.

Galumpia-the dressing, the legend

"It is, quite simply, a fabulous salad dressing. Probably the only product we have carried non-stop since we opened in 1992, because we love it so much! Beyond the incredibly ugly packaging lies a parmesan-enhanced vinaigrette that makes you want to eat salad and vegetable sticks every day. "
I wrote these words a few years ago when our first sign went missing, before Old Man Galumpia (Mario DiGregorio) retired from the salad dressing buisiness due to poor eyesight and severe arthritis. The original Galumpia used to be hand delivered by Mario and was made in those squat plastic opaque quart jugs that you might see apple cider or orange juice in-honestly, it was the most bizarre but most beloved item we have sold here at WFM.
We were without his magic elixer for almost two years, during which time we fielded almost weekly questions as to its availability. Then Joe Vulo bought the recipe and started producing Galumpia once again (Our Hero!) Is it exactly the same? No, of course not. For one thing, the label is fancier, and it's bottled in glass. It no longer looks like it was produced in somebody's backyard still by the light of the moon. It's a little less sharp (Mario used to boast "Heartburn IS added" to his recipe). But by God, it's close enough for me. I think it's great, and I'm thrilled to be able to eat it every day once again."
If your mouth is drooling now order yourself a bottle and check it out.  It won't disappoint you! Happy Heartburn!


  1. Is there any way you have the recipe for Galumpia?? Or know where we might buy it? We loved this dressing and want to recreate it. Thank you!

  2. Is there any way you have the recipe for Galumpia?? Or know where we might buy it? We loved this dressing and want to recreate it. Thank you!


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