Adventure in the Outer Banks Dunes! Relax. Look Ahead.

Since we've been traveling around the Outer Banks to see those beautiful lighthouses, I thought I'd continue the tour with another special place we love to visit - and this one involves ADVENTURE!

The Outer Banks is home to the United States' largest natural sand dune on the east coast: Jockey's Ridge (and no.. that's not Tantoine! And yes, those are people not ants!)...

Combine that with another piece of OBX history: the Wright Brothers' first manned flight.

And, the result is... Adventure in the form of wings!

Last year, both of our kids had the opportunity to try out their wings on Jockey's Ridge. Our chosen day for lessons dawned bright and sunny, but just a tad too windy! See the sand flying off the dune??

After watching the instructor be blown backwards while trying to take off... we decided to come back the following morning and try again!

While the day was overcast, the winds were favorable.. and after a short trek up the ginormous sand dune they were ready for some flights!

A pre-flight check - remember: Relax. Look Ahead.

Taking off!

And an almost-crash landing!

Heading back for more!

Just the kids were able to try out hang gliding last year, but I am supremely jealous! I can't wait to head back to Jockey's Ridge and try it for myself - and I'm dragging hubby this time too! Unfortunately, though, it'll have to wait to a future trip - scheduling conflicts just won't allow it this year :(

P.S. The hang gliding school on Jockey's Ridge is run by Kitty Hawk Kites. Be sure to check it out here.