CSA Delivery #1: Radishes, Romaine, Collards & Eggs!

CSA Day # 1 was finally here! Although it took a bit of schedule-juggling to get down to the pickup today (Mom-Daughter soccer game was soon after the pickup!), I was really looking forward to heading down to Limestone Farms to pick up my box of veggies!

And, it didn't disappoint! After a few minutes of chatting with both the great folks who run the CSA and another family starting the CSA journey, it was time to head home to unload today's bounty!

Fresh romaine, collards and radishes were supplemented by eggs this week! The South Carolina spring has been non-existent this year - one minute its 50 degrees, the next 90 degrees, so I wasn't too surprised that the cauliflower ( sad face here - I LOVE cauliflower) didn't do so well. Its been a rough year for those cool-weather plants!

And, in case you've never had a fresh egg before, here's a comparison (I wish you could taste the difference!) The Limestone Farms egg is on the right - it's a much darker color & has clearer /firmer whites, and is just plumper! The Egg on the left is a plain ole store bought egg - good, but not great! Of course, the real difference is in the taste test - which the Limestone Farms egg wins without any doubt!

So that's it for Week #1 - stay tuned to see what we do with collards - I'm not even sure yet myself!!