CSA Delivery #2: Collards, Collards and More Collards!

Week #2 is here - and we've pretty much devoured all of Week #1's goodies: Romaine salads with Radishes (and hydroponically grown tomatoes from the Greenville Farmer's Market!), Tortilla de Patata with the eggs (and potatoes from the farmer's market too!). Definitely some good meals there!

We've got just one left-over that's stumped me so far: Collards. Yup, combine that with this week's delivery of them...and I'll come up with something! And soon!

So on to this week's box! We've got Spring Mix, Turnips, Radishes, Green Onions and Peas! All favorites. Oh yea, and that green bunch - you know, Collards.

We've already used some of the Spring Mix to top our burgers - veggie or otherwise - this past weekend. The peas, we'll I've been eyeing a recipe for Pea Risotto that might just be in our near future. And turnips - well, I'm thinking mashed? And, of course, the Collards...

Got any great Collard ideas that DON'T involve a Ham Hock? Send em my way, maybe I'll try one out!

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  1. Kathie, please share that pea risotto recipe!

  2. Kathie,
    I can't figure out how to put this post directly below your offer for the free CSA veggies, but I suppose this will do. I picked up your veggies for the first week of June, and I have loved them. I actually signed up to fill the last Limestone CSA slot myself, so now I'm getting my own veggies! With your bag I was able to introduce my roommates to the idea of community supported agriculture which has been good. There have been good conversations regarding the benefits and costs of buying locally versus buying from a grocery store.

    My free bag of food made spring mix salads, lettuce went on sandwiches, and I dehydrated some squash into little cruchy squash chips (something new that I tried and think I will try again). I sliced and roasted the turnips with some garlic, and then mashed it with the little red potatoes as a delicious side of garlic mashed po-turnips! We did get a bunch of collards, but unfortunately I wasn't able to be creative with those since they got frost bite when the fridge got too cold. Oh well. I'm excited to dip into this week's bag. Thanks for your generosity!

  3. Hi Robin!

    Thanks for finding my blog and posting on it! I'm also very sorry its taken me this long to get caught up and respond! I'm so glad you enjoyed the veggies and signed up yourself!

    I love your squash chip idea and might just try that myself!

    I hope I get to say "hi" to you at a CSA pickup! Maybe our paths will cross at one!


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