CSA Delivery #3 PLUS bonus veggies!

Would you believe it? Week #3 is here already. We're heading into summer pretty quickly - Memorial Day is here and the kids have just a few days left of school. AND the heat has arrived in SC as well!

Since summer means fresh veggies, lets see what's in this week's box! Broccoli, Lettuce - Romaine & Red Leaf, Onions, Banana Peppers and a few squash. One of those squash is quite the rogue too - it may just be half zucchini and half yellow squash!

But we'll be eating much more than that this week! You see, I've been babysitting a garden recently. And, well, that garden is overflowing!

Its pretty much a "green" week here! Peas, beans, green peppers, banana pepper, a jalepeno pepper, (more) red leaf, basil, dill, green onions, and JUMBO zucchini! There are even a few tiny orange tomatoes in there if you look closely!

Since I can't resist tomatoes fresh from the garden - those are gone already. There is just nothing like a garden grown tomato! I can't wait for some larger ones to ripen- tomato sandwiches on fresh bread are in my very near future!

In the meantime, this week's menu is going to include: Spanish Rice Stuffed Peppers, Honey-Cashew Green Beans, Salads, Pasta with fresh Basil and Parmesan, Squash Au gratin and maybe even an Asian Stirfry with all those peas! Oh yes, and zucchini bread - I'll be baking that ASAP!