Dangerous Waters: A Shipwreck on Ocracoke 1899

I've shared with you a few of my finds along Ocracoke and the Outer Banks - remnants of ships, docks, and who-knows-what... So, today, I thought I'd also share a true life tale of sadness, bravery and the dangerous waters.

This is a tale that sadder than some, and brighter than others. While 21 sailors perished, the brave men of the Ocracoke Lifesaving station helped bring nine others to safety.

This is a story of real folks, who died, lived, and fought to save others. Its also a story that has played out along the Outer Banks for centuries... a story of man's wandering spirit, of travel, and of Mother Nature's power.

Reminders of these treacherous travels are still found throughout today's Outer Banks. Lighthouses and lifesaving stations remain to remind us of the danger that lies in these shoals - both then AND now.