The Graveyard of the Atlantic... The Outer Banks' treacherous waters

Even with the advent of lighthouses, lifesaving stations, and plenty of nautical charts, the shifting shoals of the Outer Banks create a labyrinth that ships must carefully navigate... which was often near impossible before the arrival of modern technology.

While times, for the most part, have changed, there are still remnants of the danger that these shores embody. Today, some pieces of wrecks remain, and can be seen along the sand - depending on how and when the shifting sand choose to show their hidden treasure.

Although I doubt that I've captured any actual wreckage in my photos (be sure to let me know if I have!), we've stumbled across some interesting finds in our journeys - some may be ships related, or perhaps old piers, or simply leftovers from man's battle against mother nature.

Whenever I catch a glimpse of something unexpected, I always let my imagination run just a little bit wild. And hope that maybe I'll find just a bit of Blackbeard's treasure - Hey, a girl can dream can't she!!

Here are a few of our interesting finds on land and on sea:

Some are easily seen from the beach...

While others are seen from the water...

Of course, if you're more of the planning sort, be sure to take a look at the Outer Banks' Chamber of Commerce Guide to Visible Shipwrecks. Who knows - maybe you can sneak in a history lesson for the kids - without them ever realizing it!