Lighthouses of the Outer Banks - Ocracoke, Currituck, Bodie Island, & Hatteras

In case, I haven't made it clear yet... driving to the Outer Banks is a sensory experience. Its a road trip that I just wouldn't want to miss, because you might just miss the beauty of these islands.

Part of the history of these islands is the treacherousness of the ocean, the sand shoals and the weather. To counteract those elements, lighthouses have been built along the islands to guard and warn sailors of what may lie ahead...

Currituck Lighthouse lies in the northernmost portion of the Outer Banks.

Currituck can (and SHOULD) be climbed for spectacular views - both inside the tower AND outside the tower!

To the south of Currituck lies Bodie Island. While this lighthouse is not currently climbable, its definitely worth a stop!

Up next is possibly the most famous of lighthouses - the one that's an instantly recognizable icon of the Outer Banks and the turbulent ocean surrounding the area: Cape Hatteras.

The Hatteras Lighthouse can be climbed (and there's even a night climb this year - check it out at the National Park Service website - I can't wait!) and the view is again absolutely worthwhile. Not only that, but you'll be sure to appreciate elevators after the climb! I bet the keepers of the lighthouse never needed a Stairmaster!

Hopefully after this years trip - I'll be able to share some spectacular night photos with you (unless they are just black!!)!

After our wonderful ferry ride to Ocracoke Island, we'll see the beautiful, smaller, white Ocracoke Lighthouse. While it may be smaller in stature, its no less awe-inspiring!

And while climbing has been off-limits here, you'll occasionally be able to get a glimpse inside...

And while you're on the grounds - be sure to check out the old, gnarly trees which dot the property. They are a sight to see as well!

And, last. but not least, furthest south lies Cape Lookout - but that's a tale of another day: Its the one lighthouse we haven't yet seen up-close and personal... So I'll leave you with the closest we've come...


  1. Great pictures of the lighthouses on the Outer Banks. Now I am inspired to go back and read the article posted. I just read your most recent article on the Outerbanks and Okrakoke and loved it.


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