Of course, the most important thing is: The Beach!

Ok, so I've talked about the food. Yes, food is first and foremost on my mind most days (Did I tell you that one local restaurant has French Toast Creme Brulee?? Do you know where I'll be soon??). BUT - where would all that food be without THE BEACH!

Yes, that is the draw of Ocracoke Island. In fact, after many years on Dr. Beach's Top Beach List, Ocracoke finally made it to the #1 spot - beating out Hawaii - in 2007. So let me share a few images of our favorite spot...

PS. Thanks to my husband Josh for this great photo!
Yup, that pretty much sums it up - Secluded! The beauty and uniqueness of Ocracoke (and other parts of the Outer Banks) is seclusion. With multiple beach access points, and miles of driveable beach (usually) its an adventure to find your own perfect spot to park and relax for the day. And, depending on the time of year, you may have that spot all to yourself!

One of our favorite spots to relax and unwind, read a book, and have a picnic lunch is at the north end of the island near the ferry docks. Calm waters and a great view really set this spot apart from the rest!

And you never know who you'll find sharing that ocean with you!

And one last photo to make you yearn for the beach and sand between your toes!



  1. Beautiful! Brad and I have been thinking about where we can take ER to the beach without having to go to FL. These photos are very convincing! Thanks for all the suggestions in your previous posts, it's so overwhelming to look at site after site. You never really know what you're going to get until you are there.

  2. Thanks! If you've liked this one, stay tuned for some more posts... I've got at least a few more ideas to go: getting there, activities for the adverturesome... and not sure what else? If you'd like to hear about something specific give a holler!


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