07 May 2010

You can't get there from here... Or "How to get to Ocracoke"!

So, I mentioned it before... Ocracoke is secluded. Its a place that just a bit more remote, and a bit more untouched than you may stumble across in your normal, every day travels...

Its a place where a trip to Walmart isn't just a quick hop in the car and off you go... Its a place where if you'd like a Big Mac - well, frankly, you better get planning! Its a place, well, that's just a bit hard to get to!

And of course - that's what makes Ocracoke what it is: the Perfect Stress-relief valve in my world! And, that stress relief starts the minute our Jeep leaves the ground to float on water! Well, yes, it floats - via a ferry that is!

That's because all roads don't lead to this small island in the Outer Banks. If you'd like to visit, you've got two options: Ferry or Airplane. That's it.

As we watch the ferry pull away from the Hatteras Dock (one of three ferry routes which serve Ocracoke), my brain starts letting go of all those everyday worries, of all the job details I've left behind, of all the worries about houses and pets, and ... well you get the idea...

When I feel the wind in my face and smell the salt of the ocean, vacation has finally arrived. Oh yea, let me just say its required, its law, its an absolute mandate - I must stand on the deck of the ferry and watch for my first glimpse of THE Island. And right beside me will be my husband with his hand in mine... for he loves this small strip of sand just as much as I do!

Along the way, we'll be entertained by some "hitchhikers"

And... we may even be more entertained by the folks who think that maybe they'll toss them a cracker or two not realizing: What goes in a bird....Comes out of a bird....

We'll scan the horizon and the waters, looking for those sights we just don't get to see very often:

Soon, (too soon? not soon enough??) we'll catch that first glance of Ocracoke Island...

PS. Thanks Hubby - for all of your great photos I'm using in this post !!

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