And when I was bad, I was bad... Dajio on Ocracoke

Well, I was good on Ocracoke - and you've seen the proof. I ran. I exercised. I swam and I even attempted to surf....

But, of course, that's only because I HAD to do that... because when I was bad, I was BAD. With food. Seriously, how can you have a true vacation and not have Food. With a capital F. And since I wanted a real vacation, I jumped in with both hands... and forks...

While most days started with a trip to the Ocracoke Coffee Co. for incredibly good coffee drinks and asiago bagels, occasionally we splurged and tried the coffee cake (yum) or a cinnamon roll.... to get just enough sugar to keep us going until lunch!

BUT, I had to make a break from our regular routine... I had read about a Creme Brulee French Toast at Dajio in the months before our vacation, and I knew I just had to try it. So, on a day that they kids were up early and off to Surf Camp, Josh and I headed over...

The outdoor patio is beautiful, and that's where we chose to have our breakfast (ok, both our breakfasts, but I'll get to that). Frequent island visitors may notice the pelican atop the wall - a tribute to the former Pelican restaurant which preceded Dajio in this location.

Breakfast - Creme Brulee French Toast, Potatoes & Cheese, and a Sweet Potato Biscuit!

And nearly gone...

And, YES, it was that good! The vanilla flavor was incredible and spread throughout the dense french toast. It was perfectly cooked all the way though - which is a huge pet peeve of mine with regular french toast - any gooey, uncooked egg in the middle of a piece of toast is a huge downer for me. Not downfall here! And the sweet potato biscuit! YUM - flaky, light, and just slightly sweet. Definitely worth every butter-laden calorie (its sweet potato though - it MUST be good for me, right??). The only small disappointment were the potatoes... not quite hot, not quite as flavorful as I hoped they'd be. They LOOKED great - a mix of purple and white potatoes blanketed in a cheddar cheese... unfortunately it was a SOUTHERN cheddar.. which means orange, nearly flavorless cheese. Give me Vermont Cheddar any the pound.

However lackluster the potatoes were, the French Toast was worth a revisit! So, on our last day, before heading for the long ride home, we stopped by to let the kids try it out. This time it was an order of three French Toast and one Apple Pancakes. The verdict again: YUM - but hubby says go for the French Toast over the pancakes even though those were great too!

All four of us loved this breakfast - Go try it! Hopefully you will too!


  1. Oh my goodness! Looks wonderful! I was looking forward to this review when you mentioned the french toast before your trip! :-)


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