Running on Ocracoke...

Or otherwise known as: Yes, the torture must continue, even on vacation!

I did it! I pretty much surprised myself, but I managed to keep somewhat of a workout routine while on vacation at Ocracoke! Its incredibly surprising, since once I get to the island I don't usually feel like doing much - just relaxing, reading and eating!

But, in addition to a couple of early morning Centergy sessions (a great mix of yoga and pilates - you should check and see if a gym near you has it!), I managed to get in two shorter runs: 2.75 miles and 2.1 miles. I really enjoy the shorter runs - much more than 3 or 4 miles, and my mind starts to wander to other things I could be doing - working, cleaning... anything BUT running!

Here are the two routes I experimented with, captured with iTrail (yikes, no AT & T service on the island still, but happily the app still worked, thank you GPS!)

The first route was the longer of the two, taking me past the lighthouse, around the loop towards Springers Point, down Howard Street (very shelly!) and back out the Ferry Docks - and I loved running past all the boats, including a visiting NOAA one - call me a weather nerd! Wish those boats were part of my every day runs!

View iTrail - Ocracoke #1 - running - 07/06/2010 06:57:44 in a larger map

For a little variety I mixed it up, heading out past the Ocracoke Coffee Shop, current fire department location, and back through the village...

View iTrail - Ocracoke 2 - running - 11/06/2010 07:21:55 in a larger map

So there you are - proof positive that I really TRIED to work off all those calories from the Ocracoke Coffee Shop, Fig Tree Bakery, Dajio, Howards, SMX, and the Back Porch! Oh, and the Flying Melon Cafe too!!