Oh no. A teenager in the house!

Holy cow! Really? I'm the mom of a teenager? Already?? Yikes. I mean, I know I'm getting old.. but not THIS old!!!

Its hard to believe 13 years have flown by already. So many changes have happened in that time... a baby brother,  a move to S.C., new schools, new friends, new jobs, a new house.. yup, the years have been good to us...

And to celebrate those 13 years, my dear daughter decided it was time to decorate her own birthday cake: a ginormous cupcake, with green frosting and zebra stripes... Um, ok. She's an original alright!

A box of fondant, some icing, food coloring... and there we have it: Cupcake Heaven!

Check out the key- that should give you an idea of the scale!

Of course, I may be a bit prejudiced.. but I love it! I think she did a great job!