A little touch of Magic every day!

For a while now, I've been noticing... that just when I least expect it, out of the blue: POP! Up comes a Disney reference...

AND, yes, I know- I am Disney-obsessed, so you might think I'm making that up OR I'm making it happen. But, I'm not, I SWEAR! It just seems that no matter where we go or what we do, it just seems like I hear or see something Disney related each day. It might be an image in an unexpected place, a reference to Epcot in a Psych episode, a song at a restaurant, but its there if you listen closely.

I'm really not making it up or imaginating it! So in an effort to prove that there is a little (unintentional) Disney in my life every day, I'm going to start making an effort to share the little spots of Magic I find every day.

Here goes the "sightings" for this Labor Day weekend:

Saturday: A low-tech weekend with the kids. Yup, a day spent away from technology just enjoying the family. Today's adventure was a ride in the (topless) jeep up to pick some apples, followed by a leisurely ride home. Along the way, we found a lovely lunch spot by Lake Lure: La Strada. While enjoying pizzas and tiramisu on the outside patio, but what should we hear on the restaurant's radio: Kiss the Girl from the Little Mermaid. That's right, just a little Disney pixie dust sprinkled over day!

Sunday: Another day of not doing much. A little shopping for our upcoming cruise, a visit to the gym and to Best Buy. AND, an evening Dr. Who marathon. We've been watching the new series, and we're up to Season 2, Episode 6. And if you're a Disney nut, like me, listen closely because you'll hear it. Yup, you'll hear The Lion Sleeps Tonight... not quite the same a Timon & Pumba duet. But, its there...

I didn't set out to find those Disney references. They were just AHA! moments, of "Hey - that's Disney!"

Hope I'll be back soon to share more of these moments with you soon!