I Have Swimsuit Confidence!

Can I do this! Yes I can!

Seriously though, after a few minutes of second guessing myself, writing this (and the last couple) posts has actually been fun. Figuring out just how to take some photos in our waterless backyard was an adventure that was filled with laughs AND with quite a few deleted photos...

But, in the end, the photos that are the best are the REAL ones... you know, the ones that portray real life. Like reading a book...

Or hanging out on our new deck...

Or sitting by the fire table, catching a few rays and enjoying a few minutes of quiet...

You know why those are the best? Cause its just a real photo. Of a real woman. Yes, I have a mom's body - after all, I do have two stretchmarks... Um, I mean two children and many more stretch marks. But that's ok.  Those stretchmarks, the extra few pounds I can't seem to shed, and those spots I still work hard to re-shape at the gym aren't going to stop me from getting out and enjoying life in my bathing suit. I'm going to be right out there on the beach, swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding and maybe even surfing. Nothing is going to stop me from loving my beach time! Not even a bathing suit!

If you'd like to participate and join the fun of National Swimsuit Confidence week, here's one way you can tweet along:

Join Lands’ End to Celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence Week and Tweet Each Day!

Join Lands’ End each day May 23 – 27, 2011 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. CDST and participate in a series of National Swimsuit Confidence Week events on Twitter. The weeklong movement was created to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes as well as educate and inspire them to embrace their swimsuit beauty and have fun this summer. Each day Lands’ End will give away 10 Lands’ End Swimsuits, 10 Lands’ End Beach Towels and announce exclusive swimsuit promotions!
Each Day – May 23 – 27, 2011
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CDST

PS. In exchange for participating in National Swimsuit Confidence Week Lands End provided me with the suit in these photos. Thanks Lands End! 


  1. HAHAHA again. Glad I came back. You look adorable in your suit. I love the one you chose! Your deck is amazing. If you haven't already, you should post some shots of that!

  2. You look fabulous! You go girl!!! And the deck is awesome! :)

  3. Love the swimsuit v. sexy. Here's mine:


    So glad other moms took this challenge.

  4. Thanks guys! You all gave me a big(ger) confidence boost today :)

    Nicole - great post on your blog!!!

  5. Love this Kathie, you look amazing!!!
    You are beyond brave! (and the deck looks pretty awesome too!)

  6. So, what book are you reading? You are so brave Kathie and you look super fab! Nice job!

    Diane L

  7. You look awesome, Kath <3 Love these photos.

  8. Awwww, Thanks everyone!

    Diane - Its the Complete Guide to WDW :) What else could I be reading- LOL!

  9. I. Love. Your. Hair. I'd say "that is all" but it's totally not. You look beautiful m'dear!!

  10. Love this post!!! Time to go shopping for my summer suit <3

  11. Katie - you are my new BFF! Thank you so much :)

    Dear Anonymous. Thank you. Be sure to check out Lands End - they rock!

  12. Kathie, you look GREAT! It's a cute swimsuit, too! And for the record, I have those stretch marks and mommy pounds that I make peace with and even wear a swimsuit out in public! I figure that by the time I'm out there with the kids, I'm so busy chasing them around and having a good time that I don't stop to consider what anyone might see. I really appreciate the fact that you were brave enough (is brave the right word for it?)to be real, and that makes you all the more gracious in my book. :)

  13. @Maria Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. You are so right - who has time to worry about stretch marks and what others might think??? The important part is to get out there and have fun with the family!!

  14. Awesome! You look great -- and so confident!


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