Lands End: Swimsuit Confidence Review

I can't believe I did THAT! Yea, I guess that's not really true. I can believe I did that. I mean, sure, why not? You only live once!

Yes, I'm talking about THE photos. You know which one's I'm talking about.

The BATHING SUIT ones....

And, now, since I've had a chance to try out the suit, I thought I'd give you my review of it.

First, I was lucky enough to have my choice of suits at Lands End. The folks there were so great! I picked out three suits, and the next thing I knew, one was in the mail to me. I anxiously awaited my package - which one would I get??

I couldn't wait for the delivery man to get here - I had to greet him at the door and grab the package. Yes, patience is not my strong suit. I ripped open the box, and saw that my third choice was in the box. After a few seconds of disappointment (hey, I knew my first choice was out-of-stock in my size, but a girl can hope anyways!), I smiled and ran to try it on.

You know, when you're on the beach, wearing those tiny strips of fabric, they have to fit your body just right. Part of having Swimsuit Confidence is feeling good in your skin, but another part is feeling good in your "second skin" as well. Sometimes, you might just get a little lucky and the first suit you try on is it - its perfect: Love at first sight. Most times though, finding just the right piece of clothing (swimsuit or otherwise) takes a little work. It means trying on not just one suit - but maybe 20. Or 50. or 100. 

Yes, its a pain. Its not fun. I mean, who really wants to try on 20 suits going... "Nope, that's not it." or even "NO WAY, that's REALLY not it!". Frankly, I can't even tell what size I really even wear in a swimsuit. I always need to grab the size that I *think* I need... plus one size up AND one size down. You just never know what will really fit!

But, its so worth it... to find that perfect suit that makes you feel good. That fits you just right and gives you the confidence to get out there on the beach and play with your kids.

Unfortunately, as soon as I slipped the top on, I realized this wasn't the suit for me. It just didn't fit across my chest quite right. The liner kept pulling up and showing itself. Every time I wiggled just a bit, a little more liner showed... I was sad - the quality and feel of the suit is so nice, I wanted to LOVE it. Its so cute - I just wish it fit my body better. I know that this suit would be perfect for so many women - I wish I was one of them!

So, since I had felt how great the Lands End suit was and knew the potential for THE suit was there, I had to run over to our local Sears this past weekend. I needed (YES- NEEDED) to see if they had the other suits I liked in stock. AND, guess what - they did. I picked out a couple of colors and headed to the dressing room. I LOVED them! They are now on my "wish list" for the next time I feel the urge to shop! Those will be the ones I proudly wear out onto the beach!

Thanks Lands End! While I don't love the suit I have, I am sold on the quality and materials. I might have quickly overlooked these suits in the past, but from now on, they'll be stop #1 when I'm shopping for my next bathing suit!

PS. In exchange for participating in National Swimsuit Confidence Week Lands End provided me with the suit in these photos. Thanks Lands End!  


  1. I love Lands End and that is where I go for my bathing suits too. AND no, I don't have the confidence to post a picture on your blog! LOL I've enjoyed reading your experience though!

    Diane L

  2. AWWW :) Come on Diane... you know you want to!!! It was so liberating!!!

    But, seriously, as long as you get out and head down Crush N Gusher in your suit, I'll be happy!!


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