A momentous day...

Yes, I know... It's been a while. But since you're all my friends, I'll just pick up where we left off... like maybe I was just on vacation (instead of overwhelmed with work, family, friends and more!)...

So, as I was saying .... :)

Motivation for exercising can be tough. Lately I've been hitting that mental road block: Its just not FUN. I want FUN. I WANT FUN! So, after a couple of weeks of laziness, I'm picking back up those exercise habits.

AND, I'm adding some variety. Yup, get this -- I got a Bike! No, not a motorcycle. One I have to pedal. One I have to balance on and exert some effort! Now, this doesn't sound like a big deal really. Lots of people ride bikes. BUT, to be honest, I've always hated it. Maybe its because I grew up in Pine Rock Park - get it? Pine = Woody, Rock = Rocky & Hilly, Park = Well, who knows about one really, but I think it was a Native American for "land that goes uphill both ways". Or, maybe its because I had no one to ride with. Or, maybe its because I just rode a cheapo, generic, bike that I had no clue how to use...

Whichever reason(s) it may have been, I'm turning over a new leaf. Yup, I'm trying cycling. Hey, I've been told variety is the spice of life, so I'm going for it!

After anxiously waiting for the arrival of my new bike, its finally here! And I've gotten to try it out. My hind bones can attest to that! Ya know what, it wasn't so bad. I'm even starting to think where else I can bike to...

Lets cross our fingers! Maybe I'll actually enjoy this !


  1. Good luck! Have you ever watched the video preview for the WDW Marathon weekend? It's made many a non-runner want to race... yeah, me included!

  2. It is inspirational isn't it! I didn't get motivated to run a marathon, but I ran a Disney 5K last October and it was FUN! Like really fun, surprisingly fun :)


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