Next stop ... Crowley Cheese!

Since we've already enjoyed a great beer at Harpoon on our Vermont tour, now its time for a little sustenance by way of CHEESE.

That's right, you're really not a true Vermonter if you don't pledge allegiance to the cheddar produced in the state. While there are great versions from large commercial cheese makers in the state, the one near and dear to my heart is from right down the road: Crowley Cheese - a small factory with only a few rooms, little fanfare, and lots of hard workers.

Factory in Healdville, VT

Often touted as the oldest continuously running cheese factory in Vermont, or possibly even the U.S., I was lucky enough to grow up enjoying the cheese as a common treat...

Springfield Sunday Republican 10/24/1976

While the gift shop is no longer open (and I just can't seem to drive past the building wishing it were open with a HUGE wheel of cheese waiting to be sliced), the people at the factory are still friendly and willing to stop and chat for a few minutes - about cheese or just about anything!

If you're lucky enough to time it right (be sure to check Facebook and Twitter - hey, they are old school cheesemakers but that doesn't mean they don't know the value of technology!), you might even be able to stop in and see the actual cheese making process!

The by-hand cheese making process is a tough one - especially on hot summer days like the one we visited on. See everyone pitching in and bailing the curds by hand?? Racking and stirring is all by hand still too!

 Its a job that's been made famous too - for its dirtiness - on Dirty Jobs.

Of course, we couldn't leave without sampling every type of cheese available. But I'm loyal. My favorite is still just the Extra Sharp Crowley Cheese. I know what's going on my Christmas list!

Dear Santa, Please fill my stocking with Crowley Extra Sharp!


  1. I am a cheese-o-phile too. Anything extra sharp sounds delicious. Those were great pictures.


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