Summer 2011: 5 weeks. 15 States...

Summer 2011 was one for the Flood Family record books:
  • 1.5 weeks in OBX
  • 5 weeks in Vermont
  • 15 States travelled
  • 3 Museums studied
  • 2 Beer Breweries visited
  • 2 Cheese Factories toured
  • 1 Distillery sampled
  • 1 Chocolate Factory for a bit of sweets
  • 1 mountain roller coaster
  • 1 Sugar House to sample maple goodies
  • Countless restaurants dined in
  • 6,100 miles traveled in automobiles
Yup, that makes me tired.

I can't even begin to describe the restaurant meals. Some good, some bad, some so horrendous that they will be part of Flood Family Memoirs. Some so good that they were topped off by an entire cheesecake :)

We were so lucky to visit friends and family across New England and along the way. Stay tuned to see what this year's travels might inspire ... you never know what might spur a post from me ;)

Oh yea, I bet I missed a bunch of things.  And I might cover them someday too!