Dinner: Impossible ... Disney style! TONIGHT!

Don't forget to set those DVR's to record the new Dinner:Impossible tonight! That's right, its the premiere of the episode that was recorded in February during the volunteer events and Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

photo courtesy of Suzannah @ zannaland.com
And just to get you excited here are some posts to read up on while you are waiting!

From Zannaland.com, fellow Moms Panelist Suzannah details how we both were fortunate enough to chat with Chef Robert in World Showcase in this great writeup!

A post from my perspective: Chef Robert is pretty darn awesome!

And a roundup of all the great food the Dinner: Impossible crew prepared for us- including vegetarian options - on the DisneyFoodBlog!

Tonight! 10pm on Food Network! Be there or be square! I know I'll be up late watching - with the whole family! Wouldn't miss it!

Be sure to check out the show's synopsis on FoodNetwork.com too! Although, these recipes make me think that there were some special dishes I didn't see! Things like: French Onion Soup?? Chocolate Fingers? Mozzarella, Raspberry & Gooseberry salad? Flank Steak with Brie Fondue?? Anyone else see these?

And replays of this episode will air at:
  • Jun 03, 2010
    1:00 AM ET/PT
  • Jun 05, 2010
    4:00 PM ET/PT


  1. Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I wasn't sure when it would be on and I'm excited to see it!

  2. Your welcome! Can't wait to sit with the family and watch it! Kids will even stay up late! We are surprising them tonight!

  3. I would be so interested on the veggie options. You are so cute next to him in that pic! Was sure happy tp meet you in person at #disneysmmoms!

  4. Can not wait to watch it tonight. Have the DVR all set just in case we are getting the kids into bed after Curious George. Thank you again for making sure there was something for the vegetarian there like my hubby (TechyDad).

  5. Thanks! The veggie options were awesome! I LOVED the Florida Root Vegetable Pie. MMMM! It was great meeting you at #disneysmmoms too! Hope there is a 2nd annual conference next year!

  6. OK...now I know I missed all those food items listed up there! I can't wait to see the episode tonight....relive some of the magic from that trip! :)


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