My Ocracoke Top 10 - Redux.

No matter how much I wish somethings would stay the same... they never do. The kids are growing up faster than I can keep up with, technology is changing every day... and Ocracoke is no exception.

Shortly after My Ocracoke Top 10 post, I received a tweet:
@reelbuzz: @magic2go I hate to disappoint you but AT&T cell phones now work on #Ocracoke
SAY WHAT?!?!?!

Yes, I guess this is "progress" and most likely a great benefit to travelers (me included).

But, I have to admit that just a little part of me is sad. I was really looking forward to my #9 - No Cell Phones in the list of top 10 things I'm looking forward to. Yes, it will be easier for work, parents, family and just about anyone to get a hold of me while we're gone. That has its benefits... Plus, I can tweet and Facebook now (I NEED to make you all jealous, don't I??).

Somehow, we'll adjust. Somehow we'll find a way to put down the phones and convince a 13-yr old not text all day long. I'm not sure how... but we will...

So, here it is.. my new a replacement for my No Cell Phones:

#9 - Pelicans, Dolphins and Crabs! Oh my! There isn't anything more exciting than catching a glimpse of the sea- and shore-life along the Ocracoke coast. Its an unusual break from the hares, squirrels and chipmunks we get to see daily. Dolphins are so magical - getting a glimpse of one swimming by is truly a treat. The Pelicans with their over sized gullets are so entertaining. And, the crabs, well, to be honest.. they just amuse me. I love to watch them scurry along the sand and into their sand holes whenever the slightest danger or shadow passes by... I can't really say how many hours I've spent just watching their perpetual motion...