My Ocracoke Top 10!

If you've followed along with my blog in the past, you know that I have a love for Ocracoke - the ocean, the sand, the island itself. Small, remote and untouched by mass commercialism - Perfection in my mind!

As our vacation quickly approaches, there are so many things I can't wait to experience again. Here are the one's I've picked as my top 10 - although you know I may just have to add a 11-20 post, and a 21-30 post and a - well, you get the idea!!

#1 - Sand, Sun & Surf - Seriously. Ocracoke's main attraction is the beach. It goes on for miles and miles (or Niles and Niles - if you're a fan of Disney's Jungle Cruise). The white sand, shells, and water are so beautiful on the island - that's why it was Dr. Beach's #1 Beach in 2007. BUT, that's not the only reason we love it - we love that we can DRIVE on the beach... which leads me to #2...

#2 - Beach Driving - Yup, Ocracoke is THE reason that we have a Jeep. The very idea of letting air out of the tires, finding a beach access and driving out to the solitude of the sand (without a top or doors!) is the very thing that makes the Jeep so important to us!

#3 - Breakfast - Yes, vacation is a week to splurge... on breakfast! Its a tough decision: Do we go for a daily visit the Ocracoke Coffee Shop? Or perhaps we swing by Dajio for an al fresco meal of Creme Brulee French Toast?

#4 - Ferry rides - No roads to the island. No bridges. No way to hop in your car and just drive onto the island. The only way to reach this secluded bit of paradise is by ferry - or by very small airplane. Of course, due to #2 we choose the ferry.

But, even if the ferry wasn't a necessity, it would be my transportation method of choice. The ferry ride just brings with it a sense of serenity and detachment from every day life that's so vital to vacation...

#5 - Family Time - It seems every year is just a little bit different - maybe our vacation will include hang-gliding, paddle boarding, kayaking, kite-flying, surfing... oh, who knows! The possibilities are really endless.

I'm really looking forward to what this year will bring. I love that we'll be spending time with hubby's parents. Its so great to spend a whole week of downtime chatting and enjoying each other. And with kids, who knows what adventure they'll lead us on next. I'm sure this year will include horseback riding. And, maybe, just another little surprise adventure that mom has planned.... stay tuned for more info on that later...

#6 - Biking around the Island - Last year, I did some running, but this year we're bringing bicycles. Hey, I'm up for something new- so why not. I'm really looking forward to exploring a bit more of the island this year - just by peddling-power, not foot-power!

#7 - Ride the Wind Surf Shop - Our trips to Ocracoke just aren't the same without a daily trip to Ride the Wind. Maybe its time to just browse the surf wear. Or maybe surfing lessons for the kids. Or a paddle board rental... it doesn't matter - we'll be there!!

#8 - Lighthouses - Lighthouses dot the Outer Banks. They've guided sailors through the Graveyard of the seas over centuries. These days, they add a little history AND a little romance to our vacation...

#9 - No Cell Phones - That's right. We'll have 0 bars. ZERO. Thank you AT & T. I'm serious - no sarcasm. I LOVE my iPhone. With a passion. But a week of forced separation = heaven. Yes, I can do it. I'll step away from the phone. I'll talk to people in person. I'll use a regular ole' camera instead of my phone.. and I won't even worry about if the ringer is on. It won't be.

#10 -Hush puppies - Nothing else needs to be said. Just order them. Daily. Seriously.

AHHH... Come on vacation time! Island time can't get here soon enough!


  1. I am so with you on the hush puppies daily rule. Looks like a beautiful spot. Enjoy being unplugged.

  2. Ice cream on the bench in front of the variety store. Sand in my ears even after I shower. A cold one at Howard's Pub. Shelling. Sunset on Silver Lake, sunrise on the beach on the north side of the island. Greenies biting me then getting revenge on them with a quick swipe. Reading the tombstones in the cemeteries. The Ocracoke Preservation Society's museum. Pony much more!


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